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  • Simple, safe, and cost effective
  • No hazardous by-products
  • Guaranteed to meet discharge limits to local sewer
  • Sludge is guaranteed to pass TCLP
  • Compact Design
  • Low capital cost
  • Low maintenance, available 3 year, 100% parts replacement warranty
  • Handles most aqueous based fluids

These units are semi-automatic batch treatment machines, capable of running 2 batches per hour. The RT-200-HO is a 200 gallon Unit, the RT-350-HO is a 350 gallon unit, and so forth. All Units share the following features:

  • HD Steel construction
  • Designed to be operated by custodial personnel
  • Allen Bradley controls
  • Push button auto fill function
  • Auto indexing filter bed
  • Rinse down package
  • Float activated discharge pump
  • Final stage canister filter

RT stages allsmall

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This series consists of the following units:

  • RT-200-HO
  • RT-350-HO
  • RT-500-HO
  • RT-750-HORT-1000-HO


All above units require only 10 minutes of attendant labor per batch. A fully automatic package is available, which completely automates the treatment process. Many labor saving options are available for these units.


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