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Coolant filtration and recycling from Clearwater Technology. Remove tramp oil and solids. Demo available.

Machine Coolant Recycling System from Clearwater Technology

The 'Guardian' system is designed to recycle coolant in shops that have individual machine sumps instead of a large single central sump. If your shop has a central system or several sumps over 500 gal. see the above 'Tramp Oil Separator' section. The 'Guardian' system is cost effective in shops with just a few 35 to 50 gallon sumps and in plants with 50+ machines each holding several hundred gallons of coolant. The 'Guardian' becomes a central sump where an oil separator on each machine would be cost prohibitive, it provides a central coolant collection point for tramp oil and suspended solids removal, bacteria control and concentration adjustment.


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Typical Applications

  • Machining
  • Stamping
  • Grinding
  • Cutting



Benefits of Recycling your coolant:


Features of the Hyde Guardian Coolant Recycling System

  • Reduces new coolant purchase by 50% to 75%
  • Reduces hazardous waste disposal costs by up to 90%
  • Increases Tool life by up to 33%
  • Improves surface finish
  • Cleaner work environment, less smoke, less oil on floors, less employee skin problems
  • Removes free floating, dispersed and emulsified tramp oils down to 1/10th percent
  • Removes virtually all suspended solids - can be supplied with Hyde centrifuge or other specialized Hyde filtration systems.
  • Available with integrated coolant make-up, bacteria control and automatic coolant return systems
  • Clarified coolant continually overflows to the inlet compartment for further clarification allowing continuous mixing, preventing rancidity and assuring that a continuous volume of clean coolant is always ready for use on your machines.
  • Standard systems will process up to 1200 gallons per hour - larger and custom designed systems are available


About Coolant Recycling & Operation of ‘Guardian’ System:
With coolant concentrates running $500 per drum and waste hauling fees increasing, the need for a recycling program becomes quite obvious, the added pressure of ISO 14,000, waste minimization programs and quality control issues also compel companies to investigate recycling. Unless your company has money to burn, pure economics dictate that you run coolant as long as possible to avoid the cost of haul away and new coolant, that’s usually several weeks after the smell starts. In the meantime the coolant has become loaded with solids and/or tramp oils, these contaminants have a direct impact on the quality of your finished part. Effective recycling is the removal of contaminants and the subsequent prevention of bacteria, leaving you with clean coolant ready for reuse.

Since we don’t sell coolant we really don’t want you to dump it. We offer the ‘Guardian System’ to help you accomplish your goals, the ‘Guardian’ utilizes a coalescing separator rather than a centrifuge, the centrifuge tends to remove coolant concentrate costing you money. The ‘Guardian’ system operates independently of the coolant sumps, therefore the movement of coolant to and from the system becomes the first issue. Ideally a sump sucker is used, if you’ve never seen one picture a propane tank on wheels with an electric or air operated pump (see our sump cleaner section). The sump cleaner is sized to hold the entire contents of one or several sumps, they range in size from 60 gallon single tanks to units with two compartments (clean & dirty) each holding several hundred gallons. The power of the sump cleaner means it can pump at 100 gpm, it’s quick and also removes the sludge and slime from the bottom of the machine sump, this is critical to an effective recycling program. Let’s say, for example, that your machines hold 50 gallons of coolant each and we’ve supplied you with a ‘Guardian’ recycling system that has a 200 gallon clean and a 200 gallon dirty tank, and a sump cleaner that has a split tank, each tank hold 100 gallons.

As mentioned above, the clean tank of the ‘Guardian’ recycling system is full and overflowing into the dirty tank that is 25% full, that means there is 200 gallons of clean coolant ready for use and room to add 150 gallons of dirty coolant. When the time comes to clean a machine sump the operator gets the sump cleaner and first goes to the ‘Guardian’ system, he (or she) pumps 100 gallons of clean coolant into the clean compartment of the sump cleaner, the sump cleaner is pushed to the machine sump, the dirty coolant is then pumped into the sump cleaner and clean coolant is then pumped from the sump cleaner into the machine sump, machine downtime is about 10 minutes.

The sump cleaner now holds 50 gallons of clean and 50 gallons of dirty coolant, he then proceeds to the next machine and does the same thing, he then returns to the ‘Guardian’ with 100 gallons of dirty coolant and pumps it into the dirty side. It sounds confusing but it’s really simple. We have many reference accounts that will verify that this method of coolant recycling really works, call us.


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