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Waste Water Treatment Equipment and Chemical Supply

 Waste water treatment with Clearwater Technology. Industrial wastewater treatment system including equipment and chemical blends.


  Clearwater Technology Wastewater Equipment and Chemical Supplier

Unique chemical blends, equipment and processes that remove contaminants from water, including oils, suspended solids, and dissolved heavy metals.The resulting water can be re-used or discharged to sewer.


Reactant Powder

Our line of Reactant Powders incorporate time tested water treatment technology in an easy to use, non-hazardous powder. When added to wastewater, these powders encapsulate contaminants into a chemical matrix known as a flocculent or floc. This floc can then be filtered out, leaving clean water behind. For more information on our Reactant Powders, click here.

Liquid Additives

Our line of Liquid Additives are designed to enhance the flocculation capability of the Reactant Powder. Often these are used to break chelations or emulsions, raise or lower pH, or to enhance floc integrity.


  Simple, safe, and cost effective
  No hazardous by-products
  Guaranteed to meet discharge limits to local sewer
  Sludge is guaranteed to pass TCLP
  Compact Design
  Low capital cost
  Low maintenance, available 3 year, 100% parts replacement warranty


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Our line of RT Reactors are the machines at the heart of the system. These machines are designed to mix, separate and discharge the effluents. Equipped with many labor saving features, these machines are easy to use and require very little operator attendance. Components include name brands such as Allen Bradley, Wilden, Zoeller and others, making these machines dependable and reliable. They are available in a variety of configurations and with several options, including a hands free fully automated version.


For more information on our RT Reactors, click here. View the RT Reactors Stages by clicking here.


We also provide tanks, pumps, pre and post treatment equipment. We offer a full line of equipment to compliment our RT Reactors. Our systems are designed with everything you need to handle your effluent from generation to discharge. 


Waste water treatment with Clearwater Technology.  Industrial wastewater treatment system including equipment and chemical blends.


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