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Ultrafiltration Equipment and Systems

 Ultrafiltration Equipment Applications

 Typical Applications

  • All Grinding Applications
  • Polishing
  • Vibratory Deburring
  • Waste Treatment
  • Phosphatizing
  • Honing Lapping
  • Membrane Systems
  • Wire Drawing
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Features     Benefits
  • Effective for washing solutions, coolants and other mixtures where free and emulsified oils and suspended solids must be removed before recycling or discharge
  • No hazardous chemicals required
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  • Highly efficient membrane module
  • Compact turnkey systems - fully assembled, tested and ready to install
  • Pre-treatment module included
  • Specialized systems available for recycling high volume and high temperature alkaline and detergent washwaters for steel finishing and other applications
  • Hazardous waste volume is reduced 95%
  • Prolongs life of washwaters and rinse waters
  • Improves washwater and rinse water effectiveness and product quality - by controlling oil content
  • Reduced downtime and reject rate
  • Does not require an attendant while operating
  • Reduces cost of washwater detergents, heating and disposal
  • System effluent water can be discharged to sewer or reused
  • May also be used for coolant or oily wastewater (mop bucket water) disposal
  • Automated operation requires little attention or maintenance
  • System payback typically 6 to 9 months


Reliable Membrane Technology


Hyde Automatic Ultra-filtration Systems are versatile fluid management systems, proven in a variety of "in plant" applications. They separate emulsified oils from water as the fluid passes through a unique pretreatment system and membrane module.

Hyde Ultra-filtration Systems are specifically designed for automated operation to prolong the life of washwaters and rinse waters by recycling. Hyde systems are also used to reduce spent coolant and other oily wastewater volumes by up to 98%.



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