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Clearwater Technology provides solutions, equipment and advice to help you save money by managing your process fluids.

Fluid Recycling is the removal of contaminants that cause your fluids to underperform and eventually become unusable, meaning that you’ll have to pay for haul-away services and then pay to replace the fluid.Flexo or flexographic ink wastewater treatment systems

For example; a parts washer (or floor scrub) in a machine shop is typically 5% cleaner/soap concentrate and 95% water.  The freshly mixed fluid is often clear, amber colored (like beer), eventually the wash water becomes contaminated with the oils & solids that are being washed from the parts (or floor) and the dirty wash water (like a chocolate milkshake now) cannot clean the parts.  Parts Washing 101: It’s really hard to get your parts cleaner than your wash water.  Recycling removes the contaminants and leaves the soap/cleaner intact (beer again), and ready for reuse.

Recycling is effective for wash water, floor scrub, vibratory deburring & mass finishing, machine coolants and most fluids that contain an expensive raw material.


Wastewater Treatment is the removal of regulated contaminants (soluble metals, oil & grease, color and solids) from fluids thus enabling these fluids to be discharged to municipal sewer, septic or surface waters.  The primary motivation for this option is to save money compared to the cost of haul-away services.

We offer small, simple, easy to use and affordable systems to process water-based fluids.  And we don’t just supply the equipment and forget about you.  We’ll be with you the whole way, helping identify local discharge parameters, free lab testing, equipment, treatment chemistry, start-up & training, and ongoing support.  We’ll even supply a test kit after we test your fluid so you can see how it actually works and verify repeatability.

We work with lots of small companies that don’t have any environmental personnel so we understand the importance of ongoing support.  We have clients that generate less than 100 gpd because the cost of haul-away was a couple dollars per gallon compared to about 15 cents per gallon with one of our systems.  These are batch-type systems that process batches from 100 to 1,000 gallons, the systems are easy to use and engineered with custodial personnel as the intended operator, and they’re fast too, processing a batch normally takes less than 45 minutes with 15 minutes of labor.

For example; a boxboard facility using flexographic ink is generating about 100 gpd of water to clean the ink from their presses, the spent water is black, loaded with solids and exceeds the local discharge limit for copper.  Because the presses are cleaned with plain water and no soap, there is no value in recycling the wash water to recover the soap.  They were paying about $2.00 per gallon for waste hauling service for a total annual cost of about $48,000.  The system we supplied is currently treating the waste for 16 cents per gallon, $3,840 a year for an annual savings of $44,160. The equipment cost was about $25,000.

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